Redo your EPF Nomination after 55, or else…

I received a circulated email from Jackson & Sim (thanks for the info):

Kindly be informed, that the email claiming that an EPF member has to re-nominate his or her beneficiary upon turning 55 years of age is only true if the EPF member had made an Age 55 Withdrawal before 1 February 2008. Therefore, if this member were to continue to contribute to the EPF, he or she would need to make a new nomination.

However, for EPF members who have made Age 55 Withdrawals after 1 February 2008, their nomination remains valid until a new nomination is made.

So if you are over age 55,

  1. If you haven’t withdrawn your EPF money, your previous nomination still valid.
  2. If you had taken out your fund, and still contributing to EPF (due to post-retirement job etc), you’ll need to redo your nomination if your withdrawal was before 1st Feb 2008. If your withdrawal is after 1st Feb 2008, your previous nomination is still valid. However, I suggest that you redo your nomination to avoid any complication if you are not sure.

What’s the possible complication?

There are cases of deceased EPF members’ fund can’t be given to the previous nominees, due to the withdrawal at age 55 made before 1st of Feb 2008.
Just take note, and inform those people who are still working after retirement age.
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