You Are a Billionaire

I received this story from an email forwarded by a good friend. I tried googling the author of the story but found nothing about it. Since this is a great story, and it is very much related to what I preach over here, I posted it here. If you know the author, please tell me about him/her at the comment. Enjoy the story!

A young man from Philadelphia sighs all day, with a worried look, complained “I’m too unfortunate! My parents left nothing for me. I don’t have a villa or a car! I can’t even afford a short vacation”. An old man said to the young man, “I have the means to make you very much richer, but you must exchange it with your current possession.”

The young man excitedly said, “Really? I would give you anything I have, so long as you can make me a wealthy man.”

“I will spend $500,000 to buy your hand”

“A hand? NO WAY” the young man rejected without hesitation.
“Then, how about a million dollars for your leg?” The young man firmly
shook his head.

“Two eyes for 10 million dollars?” the young man declined again.

“Ok, I’ll purchase your eyes, both hands and both legs with a billion dollars” the young man refused without any thought.

The old man smiled, “Now you know that you possess at least a billion dollar. You just don’t want it at this moment!”

I think to become a millionaire is more a mental problem rather a financial problem.

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  • bryan

    Reply Reply June 8, 2007

    Hi,watch your blog in DebtCC Blog Hunt and got astonish to check the Philadelphia guy’s incident.Where from you got the news?

  • kclau

    Reply Reply June 11, 2007

    Hi Bryan,
    I got the news through googling. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  • Relax

    Reply Reply August 14, 2007

    I heard people dig organs to sell. scary.

    Well, one just have to take action. sleeping whole day does not make ones rich.

    one guy ask God of prosperity, “why don’t you make me rich?”
    The God replied ,”you don’t even bother to go to the Sports ToTo shop to buy ma piao, how can I help you to strike gold?”

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