Would you pay RM 1200 for a concert ticket?

This post is contributed by Relax from The Wise Curve

Would you pay RM 1200 for a concert ticket?

I was excited to hear that my favourite singer is coming to Malaysia to perform. What shocked me is the price for the concert ticket, which ranges from RM 253 to RM 1203! That’s far more expensive than Rihanna’s concert ticket. Surprisingly, the ticket sale is at hot selling status. Many people still rush to buy the tickets despite the insanely high price. Here’s the detail of this concert.

With RM 1200 I can buy 3 or 4 mountain bikes. Even the intangible value such as life time experience won’t cost so much. Perhaps a gondola ride in Venice for 100 Euro per half-and-hour is more worthy than this. I can imagine a whole lot of rich millionaires rushing to buy such concert tickets because only they can afford to burn money like this.

The performance is definitely excellent and here are some expected goodies in it:

1. It’s the first world tour concert that uses holographic technology.
2. The singer does her own stunt in mid air.
3. Super vocal and dance performance,
4. Top quality costumes.
5. Superior lighting technology with smoke and light of various color combinations.
6. Many wonderful songs.
7. Most likely VVIPs will be there, such as the Prime Minister and Yang Dipertuan Agong.

It’s definitely a festival of eye and ear candy but I’m puzzled why people still buy super-priced tickets in a time where the world is facing economic problems. Maybe I should get the cheapest ticket (RM 253)? Duh!


  • CLF

    Reply Reply February 9, 2009

    hahah…. so will u be going? i’m off to Kitaro’s on that night.

  • Relax

    Reply Reply February 9, 2009

    The ticket is expensive, how to go? 🙁

    Kitaro is nice too. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Funny about Money

    Reply Reply February 9, 2009

    That’s absurd!

    Prices like that are the main reason I don’t go to concerts. Or athletic events: Our city took a zillion taxpayer dollars to build a fantastic stadium with a retractable roof (!). The cost of tickets is so high it’s that going to a game is out of the question for me. I’ve been in the place once, when my employer doled out free tickets.

    Apparently plenty of people can afford it, though, or else run up debt on their credit cards for the privilege. My associate editor, who earns more waiting tables part-time than she does at our office, paid $750 for two tickets to the Cardinals game. Give me a break!

  • The 8th Voyager

    Reply Reply February 9, 2009

    Do not buy the cheapest ticket, or you will be too far away at the side and the back to enjoy anything. Perhaps you can target for the side middle seats, which should be around RM600.

    Or you can wait for the concert VCD/DVD to come out later, if you feel the live is too expensive.

    Hmm… sometimes I also wonder why some of my fren buy F1 ticket, which I found expensive too.

  • KCLau

    Reply Reply February 10, 2009


    As you mentioned in the blog post, the expensive tickets are for the people who are able to pursue that kind of lifestyle.

    If we look at the positive side, this kind of lifestyle gimmicks can motivate those who want a better lifestyle. I would like to seat in the front row of every concert. If I want it badly, I’ll work hard for it.

  • Chee Kong

    Reply Reply February 13, 2009

    Yea, if the singer is my favourite. I would spend the RM 1203 if i have the spare. Or i would go for RM 600 one. Anyway, if you asked me 3 years ago when i just grad and working with low income, i would say no, or just take the RM 200. 🙂

    • KCLau

      Reply Reply February 16, 2009

      The only concert that I paid willingly is the Sting concert at Bkt Jalil. I paid for the cheapest ticket RM180+
      Although I’m a musician myself, I still prefer watching DVD over attending concert (mostly because of the financial consideration).
      As mentioned before by most of the commenter above, you either buy the most expensive ticket, or watch DVD.

  • FK

    Reply Reply February 16, 2009

    never mind then, RM1200 can buy lots of other things

  • Wong

    Reply Reply August 7, 2009

    haha…..lucky no concert in EastM…..I can save my $$ to my favourite food….

  • Peter Lim

    Reply Reply October 18, 2011

    I used to think it’s crazy as well to pay so much for a concert until ………………… my wife and I paid nearly RM 25,000 to a “concert” in US. And it’s performed by 2 old man (one is 81 years old, another is 87) for 6 hours.

    What “concert” is that? Berkshire Hathaway’s AGM, and that two old man is Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

    Now i truly understand why people would be willing to pay a few thousands for their idol’s concert. 🙂

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