Sending Personalized Birthday Card: Remembered Forever

It’s your birthday. How many greetings did you get for your last birthday? How many SMS, or Text Message? How many e-cards or emails? How many phone calls? How many real birthday cards? How many birthday gifts?

I guess you got what you gave. For majority people, these are the statistic on a birthday:

  • 3 SMS greetings
  • 5 e-cards or email or IM greeting
  • 2 verbal greeting – phone call or face-to-face
  • 1 birthday card
  • 1 birthday gift

Probably the person who gives you a birthday present is the same and the only family member that gives you a real birthday card.

This is actually great news! If you want someone to remember you, just make sure you send them a birthday card. Start doing this and you will get a lot of “return” on your birthday I guarantee. There are a few techniques you can apply to give the birthday person a great impression:

  1. Send the birthday card by mail, not hand carried. But make sure it arrives before the birthday
  2. Write a memorable birthday message – that shows gratitude. It can be a funny message too.
  3. Send a special birthday card that the recipient will most likely keep it for life! Okay, be real. If you send a special memorable birthday card, the recipient will keep the card, or show it on his desk for at least a few weeks to a year.

I started sending the top five birthday card design from Pigeon Card since May 2007. The cards are so special that some of my clients who received it built the card up and put it on top of their work desk. As a result, more friends know that his birthday is approaching. Why the special design can hook the recipient to display it on his desk? Take a look at this video and you will know why.


  • it is a normal 2D folded birthday paper card, but if you read the instruction carefully, you can build the card into a 3D model.
  • it involves the participation of the birthday person to at least spend a few minutes with it instead of just read the message and keep it somewhere hidden.
  • it is nice to be displayed and people will know that it is your birthday when they see the card.

Try send this card to your colleague, your managers, your subordinates, your family members or your best friend. I believe that you will see the difference.
Please look for the coming post. I will be giving away this card for FREE!

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  • Hilary

    Reply Reply June 16, 2007

    Can’t help noticing the grammatical errors on the card!

  • kclau

    Reply Reply June 18, 2007

    haha .. beside “seem”, any other grammar mistake did you notice?
    That’s terrible. Thanks for pointing out.

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