Personal Finance Money Tips – September 8, 2007

Welcome to the September 8, 2007 edition of personal finance money tips.

Real Estate Investment

Michael Emilio presents How To Recognize the Full Value of Your Real Estate Investment posted at Michael Emilio.

Frugal Living Tips

Frugal Panda presents How to: Eat Healthy for Cheap posted at Frugal Panda.

Eric Stanley presents Are You Falling Into These 4 Frugality Traps? posted at Personal Finance Blog Articles, saying, “It’s easy to say that this item costs less than that item. But does the difference really justify buying the cheaper item? Not always, and that is what you have to think about.”

Millionaire Mommy Next Door
presents How to Treat Affluenza: Spend Less and Live a Happier Life posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, “The number of “very happy” people peaked in 1957, and has remained fairly stable or declined ever since. Even though we consume twice as much as we did in the 1950s, people were just as happy when they had less. 86% of Americans who voluntarily cut back their
consumption feel happier as a result.”

Debt Management

Jason Elder presents Bankruptcy – Information and Myths You Need To Know posted at A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog, saying, “You may heard lots of different things about filing for bankruptcy. It’s likely that a lot of this information is wrong. Find exactly what you need to know.”

Matt Hanson presents Credit Card Fraud – How to Protect Yourself posted at The Credit & Credit Card Blog, saying, “As technology has increased, so has credit card fraud. There are some simple steps that you can take to help protect yourself from credit card fraud.”

Allen Taylor presents Credit Crisis – Fasten Your Golden Seatbelts posted at Investing World Today,
saying, “For years, now, financial talking-heads have been telling us how the Feds credit expansion of six years ago would come back and bite us in the butts. Last week, it did just that.”

Tim Ramsey presents Paying Down Credit Card Debt – 5 Key Points posted at My Debt Relief Blog,
saying, “There are a number of no-nonsense, time-tested ways to conquer credit card debt. Here are 5 key points for eliminating your credit card debt and getting on the road to financial health.”

Nigel Swaby presents Mortgage Rates vs. Fees posted at Easy Mortgages.

Money for Military presents PowerPay – Paying Down Debt posted at Money for Military,
saying, “If people are trying to create wealth, they should use this site to eliminate debt. It’s free and is very powerful. Please distribute, it could help a lot of people.”

John Wesley presents 7 Tips for Avoiding a Lifetime of Debt posted at Pick the Brain.

presents Seven Important Things to Consider When You Apply for a Credit Card posted at College and Finance, saying, “Establishing good credit is important for your financial future, and can save you a lot of money on loans. This article outlines seven important considerations in applying for a credit card.”

Wealth Accumulation

Vahid Chaychi presents What Is Forex and How to Make Money with It? posted at Internet and Search Engine Marketing, saying, “Forex is one of the best work at home opportunities. It is good because it doesn’t need any marketing, referring and recruiting. If you learn it properly, you can make lots of money but it can be also risky if you start trading before you learn.”

Chris Russell presents Working Hard Does Not Produce Success posted at Productivity Planner,
saying, “Yes, we work hard to be successful, but we also have to choose to be successful. It is a decision. It is a conscious effort. It takes mental discipline. It is a deliberate mindset.”

Thomas Humes presents Retirement Income Planning – Getting Started posted at Wealth Building World, saying, “The days of being able to retire on social security alone are long gone, and todays retirees must rely on personal investments and/or earnings as well. Whether you’re 30, 40, 50 or 60, here are a few tips to get you on track for a rich and rewarding retirement.”

The Dough Roller presents Asset Allocation for Generation X (20s & 30s) posted at The Dough Roller, saying, “An asset allocation plan for the Generation X’ers”

MoneyNing presents Buy On The Market Dip and Buy At The Market Top posted at Money Ning, saying, “It is very hard to accumulate wealth by timing the stock market. Just buy regularly!!!”

Tomaz Mencinger presents Why Money Is Only One Third Of Happiness posted at Financial Freedom Ideas.

teaspoon presents Solving Our Savings and Budget Issues – The No-Budget Budget Way posted at – Financial wisdom, one teaspoon at a time…, saying, “Proposing a way of looking at handling your savings and budgeting called the no-budget budget.”

edithyeung presents The Money Series – Why Didn’t I Think of That Billionaires posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Wealth Distribution

Super Saver presents My Wealth Builder: Net Unrealized Appreciation – Great Tax Benefit for Retirees posted at My Wealth Builder.

Eric Hudin presents Simple Tips to Organizing Your Vital Information – Are You Prepared? posted at My Estate Planning Career Blog, saying, “If you’re like most people, you have good financial records. Ideally, there is a central location where this information can be referenced and accessible to you, your spouse or your family.”

Wealth Management

teaspoon presents Zen and The Art of Personal Finance in 4 Steps posted at – Financial wisdom, one teaspoon at a time…, saying, “Explore applying some of the principles of Zen to personal finance.”

Ryan Russell presents Saving money without calling names posted at My Money Thinks,
saying, “The main reason store brands cost less is simple – marketing and advertising! Private label products require less than 2% of sales to be spent on marketing, whereas manufacturer brands spend 10-40% of sales. Just how much money can you save?”

KCLau presents Hacking your Cash Flow & Net Worth Chart posted at KCLau’s Money Tips,
saying, “Learn how to hack the cash flow and net worth charts of the rich and you will be heading towards financial freedom in no time.”

Abdulrasool Sumar presents How to Negotiate Debt Obligations with Creditors posted at 3 Debt Consolidation Community, saying, “If creditors do not receive on time payments from you, they will often report your delinquency status to the major Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). But what if you are willing to make payments to the creditors, but not the full amount they are asking for? For example, you have $15,000 of credit card debt and your minimum monthly payment is $375. However, you can only afford to pay $200 a month at the moment. How do you negotiate with your creditors so as to
get the payment terms to your advantage and get negative items deleted off your credit report?”

FIRE Getters presents FIRE Finance: FREE PC Check – Test Your PC Security & Health With Zone
Alarm! – Top Personal Finance Blog for Early Retirement,Investing,Banking,Brokerages et al
posted at FIRE Finance.

Jack presents Make sure your money is working full time! posted at Starting With Nothing, saying, “A simple but informative look at making sure your money is working for you, even when it’s just sitting in the bank.”

Nigel Swaby presents Mortgage Loan Programs Changing…Some Disappearing posted at Salt Lake Real Estate Blog.

Adam the Investor presents The Fundamentals of Successful Investing posted at The Investor’s Journal, saying, “Short article on the fundamentals of rational stock market investing.”

Kevin Surbaugh presents Mega Millions, Powerball & Other Lottery Thoughts posted at Becoming & Staying Debt Free, saying, “With last weeks Powerball getting as high as $314 million, before an Iowa woman won the huge amount, and last night’s Mega Millions game garnering four winners in four states (dividing the $330 million prize), I thought I would take some time and discuss the lottery.”

Nenad Ristic presents Attribution Theory posted at Money Conciousness.

Jimmy Atkinson presents Top 25 Forex Sites (By the Numbers) posted at Forex Blog.

Adel Ayari presents Bloomberg Terminal posted at Dealer’s Journal.

Dax Desai presents What does the potential Fed rate cut mean? posted at Dax Desai, saying, “Explains the effect of the Fed interest rate cut”

Tushar Mathur presents High Energy Bills ?? Try out these simple ideas ! posted at Everything Finance.

Wealth Protection

Matthew Paulson presents Why The Next Collect Call You Receive Might be a Scam posted at Getting Green.

Tushar Mathur presents Save Money on Auto Insurance posted at Everything Finance.

Matthew Paulson presents How to Get Credits to Stop Harassing You posted at Getting Green.

Ryan Russell presents Finding A Fix: 10 Tips For Resolving Financial Disputes posted at My Money Thinks, saying, “Learn how to communicate effetively with creditors and financial institutions to get disputes cleared up as quickly as possible. Learn how to master the negotiations and come out on top.”

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