Investment Challenge Game that Mimics Bursa Malaysia

What is Bursa Pursuit?

Bursa Pursuit is an investment Challenge Game that mimics Bursa Malaysia. You can pit your skills against other virtual investors to win over RM500,000 worth of prizes! The Challenge only begins on 1 October, 2007. Register now to be alerted before the game starts.

Why do I join?

It is simply for the fun and also the prizes. Even though you are given virtual money to trade in the contest, but the prizes will be in the form of E-trading limit account.

Besides participating as a individual investor, you can also create unlimited leagues.

Think you and your friends can make the best average for that RM100,000 prize. Create a league and invite them in. Leagues win and lose together. The game averages out the league’s portfolio value to find the league’s market value. You need a minimum of 5 people to qualify for league prizes. You can create and join as many leagues as you want.

You can join my league by entering this League Invitation Code: 9pvqa061fwvp

Disclaimer: I am not a professional trader. If you join my league and lose, please don’t blame me.

Game Mechanics

  • The game will be open for playing between October 1, 2007 and November 30, 2007.
  • All participants are given RM250,000 virtual game money to invest and manage a virtual portfolio of stocks.
  • Winners are determined by highest value of portfolio at the end of Game period (for each category; Independent Investor, League Investor and Pro Investor Weekly).
  • Each person may only have one personal portfolio but may be a part of as many leagues as they want.
  • Each person is only eligible for one Weekly Prize.
  • In the event that a Weekly Winner is later determined to be ineligible for whatever reason, the Participant with the next highest portfolio valuation for that week will be deemed eligible for that Weekly Prize.
  • Pro Investors must be invited by Bursa Malaysia to take part in the contest. Pro investors must be licensed by the Securities Commission.

Click here to download the game rules.

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