Investment-linked funds performance last year

I am glad to receive investment-linked funds annual report for last year in CD format from insurance companies. The first copy I received is from AIA. Later, I got a few copies mailed from Great Eastern. Previously, all the report were printed in hard copy format.

Annual Report in CD format

I personally feel that it is a good move. Not only it is greener because of less paper being wasted, it also saves us a lot of office space. I can keep the report in my PC. Whenever I need to refer to the report, it is easily accessible.

Many publicly listed companies had adopted this method years ago to mail their shareholder a CD instead of the normal printed and thick annual report.

Both the CDs contain the reports in pdf format. I am impressed with the file size of AIA’s report. It is only about 3Mb with 236 pages.

While GE’s report takes up 112Mb but it is only 39 pages. I felt no major differences opening both the files. However, some PC users with slower computer performance might find it slow to open a 112Mb pdf file.

AIA Fund Performances

AIA’s report for policyholder is reported as at 30 November 2007. From page 1 to 16 is market commentary about bond, local stock and foreign stock. This is a good read if you want to get a summary of want happened in the investment market last year.

From page 20 onwards you will find details funds performance and sector breakdown.

This is a summary of the funds performance in one year peroid:

AIA Fixed Income Fund – 5.87%
AIA Equity Fund – 31.63%
AIA Managed Fund – 27.54%
AIA Dana Progresif – 32.51%
AIA New Horizon Fund – 28.72%
AIA Asia Platinum Fund – 25.94%
AIA International Small Cap Fund – 2.6% (since Jan 07)
AIA Eleven Plus Fund – decline 3% (since Oct 07)
AIA Medium Cap Fund – 38.90%
AIA Aggressive Fund – 38.75%
AIA Dana Dinamik – 43.48%
AIA Capital Guaranteed Fund – 16.64%
AIA Capital Guaranteed Fund 2 – 16.14%
AIA Capital Guaranteed Fund 3 – 11.01%
AIA Capital Guaranteed 120 Fund – 11.84%
AIA Capital Guaranteed 120 Fund – 2nd Series – 8.20%
AIA Guaranteed Growth Account – 8.24%
AIA Capital Guaranteed 125 Fund – 6.69%
AIA Capital Guaranteed 125 Fund – 2nd Series – 6.72%
AIA Equity Linked Account – 6.59%
AIA FX Index Linked Account – decline 4.80% (since 8-Aug 08)

This report also contains a comparative table of net asset value, number of units and unit price. Another section lists out the counters held in every fund.

From page 119 onwards is the Malay translation version.

Great Eastern Fund Performances

GE’s report for policyholder is reported as at 31 December 2007. Even though this report is only 39 pages, but it is presented in landscape mode which actually contains two pages in one view. It will be easier to browse through if you have a wide screen monitor. Surprisingly, GE’s report was written in three languages – English, Malay and Chinese.

The most interesting part shall be the fund performance charts on page 6-7. It gives a clear view of the investment-linked fund performances against the benchmarks.

The rest of the report are compact financial statements including cash flow, asset & liabilities, list of counters and other comparitive tables.

This is a summary of the funds performance in one year peroid:

Dana Restu: 34.9%
Lion Progressive Fund: 33.5%
Lion Growth Fund: 32.9%
Lion Fixed Income Fund: 7.1%
Dana Sejati: 6.9%
Lion Strategic Fund: 30.5%
Lion Balanced Fund: 34.4%
Lion US-i Fund: -2.4%
Lion UK-i Fund: 0.1%
Lion AU-i Fund: 15.4%
Great Guaranteed Growth Fund: 9.4%


In the future, I hope that insurance companies will provide an option for policyholders to receive the annual report via email.

It is also possible to let policyholder download the annual report from the respective companies’ website.

How about other insurance companies?

These are the only two investment-linked reports I have because I own both AIA and GE investment-linked policies.

How about other companies? How about ING, Prudential and Allianze? Please share your view with us.

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  • kelvin@GE

    Reply Reply July 14, 2008


    I have received the PruLink Funs annual report for the year 2007 fro Prudential.
    Below is the summary of funds performances for year 2007:

    PRUlink Equity Fund – 27.82%
    PRUlink Bond Fund – 4.41%
    PRUlink Managed Fund – 20.71%
    PRUlink Managed Fund II – 22.69%
    PRUlink Golden equity fund – 5.27%
    PRUlink Golden Bond Fund – 0.17%
    PRUlink Dana Unggul- 33.73%
    PRUlink dana Aman – 4.32%
    PRUlink dana urus – 24.90%
    PRUlink dana urus II – 27.91%
    PRUlink asia managed fund – 16.23%


  • KCLau

    Reply Reply July 14, 2008


    Thanks for the updates .. so this page now contains investment-linked funds performance 2007 for Great Eastern, AIA and Prudential. Your generous sharing and effort is much appreciated by this blog's readers.
    Hope to see you around!

  • PS Thoo

    Reply Reply August 13, 2008

    Will be interesting to find out what are the performance like for these funds for 2008, given the current financial turmoil, high inflation and our very own political crisis!

    Do you have the mid-year performance report?

  • KCLau

    Reply Reply August 13, 2008

    The report is not prepared yet. But you can see the fund price and charts from the companies' respective website.

  • fazli bin baharom

    Reply Reply April 3, 2009

    i wan the hold statement of dana restu.hwo can i look the statement of dana restu.tq

  • lukman

    Reply Reply September 30, 2009

    Hi I tried AIA’s website but only could find fund performance for last 21 business days. What’s the link for full performance?

    • James Lau

      Reply Reply December 12, 2012

      I tried to access AIA and Great Eastern investment linked fund prices but only can see the current month fund prices. As for Manulife and Prudential, you can easily access their monthly, yearly fund performances. I suppose they are more transparent. My view is that all insurance should put up sites so that the public can monitor their investment-linked fund performances easily.

      • KCLau

        Reply Reply December 19, 2012

        @James, I definitely agree that insurance companies should make it convenience for customers or even prospect to evaluate their investment-linked fund performance.

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