Important Facts Why You Should Consider Purchasing Perth Properties

The first webinar I’ve conducted for 2015, I interviewed Ng Chee Yong, a professional financial planner who has a 12-years experience in investing in Kuala Lumpur properties. He serves as Director for Match Properties Asia Sdn. Berhad (I’ve posted a comprehensive profile at the bottom of this article). We discussed about buying Perth properties. If…

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Social Responsibility Reduces Risk in Property Investment

In the venture of property investment, we closely observe what is happening around us in both local and global economies for the reason to stay informed of the latest changes in aspects such as finance, legal, market, etc. The most important thing we want to know is if these changes will affect our money! Social…

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4 Types of Retirement and How You Should Plan Yours

After working hard throughout your life, an elegant retirement plan can lead to a perfect ending to your professional career. There is no fixed age for starting to make your retirement plan. But whenever you plan to do it, it’s always great to think over it thoroughly and put it down in black and white.…

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How to Do Factor Investing – Following the Top Gurus

The concept of “buy low and sell high” lies at the root of investing. This concept is true in a sense that investment basics have been the same for hundreds of years. But investment ideas, strategies and techniques have gone through a radical change in the modern times. One of the most common problems faced…

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Why Koon Yew Yin Should Be in The 2015 Prestige Power 300?

In today’s article, I would like to mention our guest contributor, Mr Koon Yew Yin in his recent feature in The 2015 Prestige Power 300. The purpose of writing this is to encourage people to do charity and also to “satisfy his ego”. Mr Koon Yew Yin reckons that ego can be a very powerful…

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How To Stay Financially Healthy Amidst The Inflation Epidemic

We hear about it everywhere we go, everytime we tune into the news or pick up a newspaper. Epidemics and how dangerous they are. Ebola, H1N1, SARS, JE, dengue, malaria, the list is endless. In every corner of the globe, staying healthy amidst the health risks has become the primary focus of governments, regulatory authorities…

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How To Assess A Potential Investment In A Business For First Timers

Planning to invest in a business for the first time? It can be a daunting prospect. On the one hand, it could be a lucrative opportunity to exponentially grow your investment and generate a good return. On the other hand, you face the risk that you could lose your money completely, if things don’t go…

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This is the BEST online course that I have ever come across

This is an interview with Sayeed, one of the Top 10 Charter Members of Money Automation System course.

KCLau: Why did you sign up as a Charter Member of MA$ course?

Ever since my marriage of 14 years, the No.1 concern for both my wife and I was the financial security. We have worked and planned many various methods to increase our income and control our spending. We read as many books as possible that we get hold off to educate ourselves on financial matters.

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Manage your credit card account NOW: It’s never too late!

In many countries, the biggest liability that comes with being 18 is Alcohol, but for Malaysia, it’s credit cards! With virtually no acquaintance with credit terms and lack of foresight pertaining to its usage, things soon spiral out of control for youngsters signing up for their first credit card. Although credit card debt is universally…

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Do You Define Yourself As Workaholic? Find Out If You Are

When the suffix “-holic” appears in a word, it usually means an addiction to something. We are familiar with the term “alcoholic”. But in recent times, all kinds of additional “holics” have made an appearance. We now have chocoholics, foodaholics and shopaholics! I guess we can describe these people as those who love chocolate, food…

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