The (often overlooked) power of passion… People who are really successful in life follow their passion. So we tell our younger generation to follow their passion. But most of us only TELL them. We NEVER really SHOW them how or even LET them do it their way! Most kids do not even know what they are passionate…

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Why Are We Reluctantly Believe that our Kampung Makes Good

Ken Soong, Victoria, Australia (co-author of “Migrating to Australia good Meh???” and “Making It in Australia” in his viewpoints of RAGS to riches stories that are always inspiring to read, hence, titles such as “Kampung boy makes good” appear in our newspapers and magazines. When you read them, you will most likely come across clichés like…

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Pick the Best Credit Card in Malaysia for You

There are dozens of credit card issuers in Malaysia and each offer different cards that provide varying rates and promos to their customers. These banks are creative enough to provide cards that offer a wide array of special rewards or privileges to appeal to different users. Credit card issuers have also made it easy for…

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Property Consultant in Malaysia

Real estate is something which is thriving in Malaysia and concurrently pulling in more moguls. But with the expanding number of investors numerous individuals are searching for real estate professionals who can counsel them shrewdly in this property identified issue. Also this is when property consultant Malaysia imprints its vicinity. In last some years there…

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How much your personal loan is costing you?

By Diana Chai Since putting up our comparison tool on personal loans; our lines have been buzzing with activity. There’s no denying that personal loans are a hot banking product. And why wouldn’t it be? Cash is king in every situation so if you truly needed a little financial lift; having money in hand beats…

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How to Become a Financial Planner?

Is it difficult to become a Financial Planner? What’s the requirement needed?” Hmmm… Good news is it is not difficult, but the bad news is it’s not easy either and the requirements for sure will be raised in the future. So, how? In Malaysia, those who practice as Financial Planner must pass any one of…

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10 Most Creative & Cost Saving GIFT-GIVING Ideas

Gift-giving occasions such as festivals, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations, are wonderful opportunities to give and receive gifts from family and friends. The thing to remember is that gifts are really mostly about effort, not price. Often a simple but thoughtful gift which is beautifully wrapped and well presented, is worth far more than an…

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The Simplest Budgeting Idea You Often Overlook

In these days of economic crisis and uncertainty, people are re-evaluating their spending habits. Here are a couple of tips on how to budget. The first thing to do is to create a budget. There are many ways to do this, ranging from the extremely simple to extremely complex. There is a range of software…

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9 Reasons Why The Accusation Against the Oil Palm Industry is False

by Koon Yew Yin, a local philanthropist tycoon. A few weeks ago the sky was covered with smoke from the burning of forests in Sumatra to clear land for agriculture. Many in Malaysia and Singapore were affected by the haze. Some observers in the west used it as an occasion to bad-mouth the oil palm…

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Borrowing Money from Non-Bank Lenders

When you find yourself needing to take out a loan it’s important to have all the facts clearly laid out in front of you and not to trust hearsay or things you ‘think’ to be true. So often what we perceive as truth is only partially correct and thus it’s vitally important to make sure…

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